General Club Rules:

1. Consent: Never assume that you have consent. Ask first and wait to hear a “yes” before engaging in any physical contact with other individuals (unless you have previously negotiated blanket consent). Always stop, check in, and back away if needed if someone tells you “No.”

2. Respect: Respect and use the chosen names and pronouns of other members when referring to them. Do not “yuck someone’s yum.” If you see play that you do not personally like or feel triggered by, please go to another area of the club until play concludes. Do not attempt to shame the members or interrupt the play.

3. Privacy: Never disclose that you know someone from the club outside of the club. Never disclose another individual’s identity outside of the club. Never share the club location with anyone else.

4. Photography: Never take photos with non-consenting parties in the background. Never post photos unless everyone in the photo has consented to the specific photo being posted on social media. Never take video recordings on the main level. Phones and photography are not allowed in the basement without prior Dungeon Monitor approval.

5. Cleaning: Cleaning supplies will be available in the basement and on the second floor. You are responsible for wiping down dungeon equipment after use, cleaning up bodily fluids, throwing away trash, and cleaning the shower in the wet room after use. After using the upstairs bedrooms, you are responsible for stripping the sheets and taking them to the floor attendant. Let them know that you are finished and they will take care of putting new sheets on the bed for the next members.

6. Bodily Fluids: Water sports are limited to the wet room only. No scat play is allowed. Please clean any and all bodily fluids off of club equipment after use.

7. Alcohol Use: Members must drink responsibly. Please negotiate your play prior to becoming intoxicated. Do not play with members who seem to be too intoxicated to withdraw consent from a given situation, and please alert the administrative team in this case so that we can monitor for safety.

8. Sleep: No sleeping in playrooms, dungeons, or social areas.

9. Substances: No illegal substances are allowed on the premises.

10. Weapons: No illegal weapons or firearms are allowed on the premises.

11. Glass: No glass containers are allowed. Please use non-glass cups, bottles, etc.

12. Cooler Size: Space is limited, so cooler size is limited to small and moderate sized coolers.

Dungeon Rules:

1. Keep voices to a library whisper or below

2. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE– impact toys have to go backwards before they can go forwards toward the target. If you get too close, you WILL be hit.

3. If you are not explicitly invited to participate in someone else’s scene, don’t join, even if you know them and play with them.

4. Do not address or interrupt individuals who are partaking in a scene, unless it is an emergency. This can interrupt scene energy and provide a barrier to participants experiencing subspace or domspace.

5. Do not interrupt aftercare following a scene. This time can be extremely intimate and important in coming out of subspace or domspace. If you have questions, you should ask them after the participating parties have gone back to engaging in the party outside the dungeon.

6. Don’t yuck someone’s yum. If you see something that you don’t personally like, or that you find triggering look away or go to another area of the club until the scene concludes.

7. If you are engaging in consensual non-consent play, please talk with the DM prior. This is so the DM can take an active role in ensuring safety is maximized and can help reduce potential distractions or interruptions.

8. No phones in the dungeon without prior DM approval.

Play Room Door Protocol:

At the farmhouse, we use a nonverbal code for watching playroom activity.

  • If those using a playroom shut the door, they are indicating that they want privacy.
  • If those using a playroom open the door, but keep the chain on the door, they are saying that it’s okay to watch, but you shouldn’t come in the room.
  • If those using a playroom open the door, and do not have the chain on the door, they are saying it’s okay to come in the room.

Regardless of what the door says, you are not allowed to join in the play or make physical contact with any of the players unless you are explicitly invited by all of the parties engaging in the play. Keep a respectful distance even if you are allowed in the room.